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Al Thanyah 5 area in Dubai - prices, rents and cap rates

Cap rates for projects in Al Thanyah 5 area in Dubai

Data as of April 2024
ProjectSale price, AED/sqmRent, AED/sqm/yearCap rate
The Residences19,3101,6958.8%

The cap rate (rental yield) in Al Thanyah 5 is 8.8%.
Rent in Al Thanyah 5 is 0 AED/year/sqm on average for long term rent of an apartment.

Residential property projects in Al Thanyah 5

-The Residences

Share of off-plan projects in sales in Al Thanyah 5 is 0%

Sales and rents in Al Thanyah 5 in April 2024

Project nameSale price, AED/sqmPre. reg salesDelayed salesSalesRent, AED/sqm/yearRent contracts
The Residences

Area guide for property buyers in Al Thanyah 5

What are the advantages of 'Al Thanyah 5' area in Dubai for property buyers vs. other areas? What are the disadvantages?

'Al Thanyah 5', often referred to as part of the wider Al Sufouh or Al Barsha areas depending on context, has several distinct advantages and disadvantages for property buyers. Here's a detailed look:


1. Strategic Location:
- Proximity: Al Thanyah 5 lies in a prime location near Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), offering easy access to key business districts such as Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, and Dubai Marina.
- Accessibility: The area is well-connected via major highways and public transportation, including the Dubai Metro, making commuting convenient.

2. Amenities and Facilities:
- Shopping and Dining: Close to major malls like Mall of the Emirates and numerous dining options ranging from luxury restaurants to casual eateries.
- Healthcare: Proximity to top medical facilities, including hospitals and specialized clinics.

3. Educational Institutions:
- Schools and Universities: The area is near renowned educational institutions, which is a significant advantage for families.
- Quality of Education: Close to top-rated international schools and universities in Dubai.

4. Quality of Life:
- Lifestyle: Offers a modern urban lifestyle with a range of leisure activities, parks, beaches, and cultural spots.
- Safety: High standards of security and community management ensure a safe living environment.

5. Investment Potential:
- Property Value Appreciation: Due to its prime location, properties in Al Thanyah 5 have a good potential for appreciation.
- Rental Yields: High demand for rental properties from professionals working in nearby business hubs.


1. Cost:
- Property Prices: The premium location means higher property prices compared to other areas further from the city center.
- Living Costs: Higher cost of living due to the upscale nature of facilities and amenities in the vicinity.

2. Traffic and Congestion:
- Rush Hour Traffic: Being a central area means higher traffic volumes, especially during peak hours, which can lead to congestion.
- Noise: Proximity to major roads and commercial zones can result in higher noise levels.

3. Availability:
- Limited Stock: High demand often means limited availability of properties, both for sale and rent, making it competitive.
- Fast-Moving Market: Properties can get snapped up quickly, requiring buyers to make swift decisions.

4. Construction Activity:
- Development Projects: Ongoing or future construction projects nearby may cause temporary inconvenience due to noise and road changes.

Comparison with Other Areas

- Downtown Dubai: While Al Thanyah 5 offers a quieter residential environment with proximity to beaches and more suburban amenities, Downtown Dubai offers a more vibrant, bustling atmosphere with icons like Burj Khalifa but at even higher living and property costs.

- Dubai Marina: Both areas offer a luxurious lifestyle, but Dubai Marina is more popular among expatriates looking for a waterfront lifestyle. However, it is also known for higher property costs and congestion issues.

- Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC): JVC might offer more affordable property options and a suburban feel, but it doesn’t have the same level of accessibility to business hubs or the same range of high-end amenities.

- Dubai Silicon Oasis: This area is known for being more tech-centric and affordable, but it lacks the central location and immediate access to beach and leisure options that Al Thanyah 5 offers.

In conclusion, Al Thanyah 5 presents a balanced mix of upscale living, strategic location, and quality amenities, making it highly appealing for discerning property buyers. However, the premium costs and potential congestion might be drawbacks for some.

What areas are better than 'Al Thanyah 5' area in Dubai and why?

Dubai is known for its diverse and dynamic real estate market, offering a variety of residential options tailored to different lifestyles and preferences. Depending on what you're specifically looking for, several areas might be considered "better" than Al Thanyah 5 (typically part of the Barsha Heights district) in various aspects:

1. Downtown Dubai
- Why: Known for its iconic landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, and the Dubai Fountain, Downtown Dubai offers luxurious living with world-class amenities. It's a prime location for those who enjoy being in the heart of the city with high-end retail, dining, and entertainment options.
- Who: Professionals, high-net-worth individuals, and those who enjoy a vibrant urban environment.

2. Dubai Marina
- Why: Dubai Marina is famous for its waterfront living, stylish skyscrapers, and a plethora of dining and entertainment options. It offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle with stunning marina views and close proximity to the beach.
- Who: Young professionals, expatriates, and those looking for a lively community.

3. Palm Jumeirah
- Why: Palm Jumeirah offers unparalleled luxury with its unique palm-tree-shaped island setup. It boasts some of the most luxurious hotels, resorts, and residential properties with private beaches and exclusive amenities.
- Who: Luxury seekers, tourists, and those wanting a premium, exclusive lifestyle.

4. Emirates Hills
- Why: Often referred to as the "Beverly Hills of Dubai," this is a gated community with lavish villas surrounded by vast green landscapes and the prestigious Montgomerie Golf Course. It provides a serene and secure environment.
- Who: Families, high-net-worth individuals, and those looking for a private, affluent neighborhood.

5. Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)
- Why: JVC is a family-oriented community with a mix of apartments, villas, and townhouses. It offers a balance of affordability and modern living with numerous parks, schools, and community centers.
- Who: Families, young couples, and those looking for more accommodation for their money.

6. Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)
- Why: JBR is known for its beachfront living, providing direct access to "The Walk" and the beach. It offers a mix of residential and hotel apartments with a wide range of dining, shopping, and entertainment facilities.
- Who: Beach lovers, expatriates, and those who prefer a lively and active environment.

7. Arabian Ranches
- Why: Arabian Ranches is a premium gated villa community designed for family living with a range of amenities including golf courses, shopping centers, and schools. It is known for its tranquil setting and spacious residences.
- Who: Families, expats, and those seeking a suburban lifestyle within the city.

8. Business Bay
- Why: As one of the central business hubs of Dubai, Business Bay offers a mix of residential, commercial, and hotel properties. It is an ideal location for business professionals wanting the convenience of living close to their offices.
- Who: Professionals, entrepreneurs, and those preferring an urban lifestyle.

9. The Greens and Views
- Why: Developed by Emaar, The Greens and Views is a pleasant community with mid-rise buildings set amidst lush greenery and water features. It offers a peaceful residential environment while being close to major city hotspots.
- Who: Mid-income families, professionals, and anyone looking for a quiet yet accessible neighborhood.

Selection Criteria
1. Luxury and Exclusivity: Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills
2. Waterfront and Beach Access: Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Palm Jumeirah
3. Family-Friendly Environment: Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Village Circle, The Greens and Views
4. Proximity to Business Districts: Business Bay, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina
5. Local Amenities and Convenience: Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Business Bay

Ultimately, the "better" area will depend on your individual preferences, lifestyle requirements, and budget. Each of these areas has its unique advantages, whether it's luxury, community atmosphere, convenience, or proximity to work and leisure activities.

What schools are there in and around 'Al Thanyah 5' area in Dubai and what are their locations?

'Al Thanyah 5' is a part of Al Thanyah in the Al Barsha area of Dubai. The region is primarily residential but enjoys proximity to various educational institutions catering to different curricula. Here are some schools in and around the Al Thanyah 5 area:

1. GEMS World Academy
- Location: Al Barsha South, Dubai
- Curriculum: International Baccalaureate (IB)
- Distance: Approximately 8-10 minutes by car from Al Thanyah 5

2. Dubai American Academy (GEMS)
- Location: Al Barsha, Dubai
- Curriculum: American, IB
- Distance: Approximately 10-12 minutes by car from Al Thanyah 5

3. Dubai National School
- Location: Al Barsha 2, Dubai
- Curriculum: American
- Distance: Approximately 10-15 minutes by car from Al Thanyah 5

4. Kings' School Al Barsha
- Location: Al Barsha South, Dubai
- Curriculum: UK National Curriculum (British)
- Distance: Approximately 8-10 minutes by car from Al Thanyah 5

5. Nord Anglia International School Dubai
- Location: Al Barsha South, Dubai
- Curriculum: UK National Curriculum (British), IB
- Distance: Approximately 10-12 minutes by car from Al Thanyah 5

6. Dubai Heights Academy
- Location: Al Barsha South, Dubai
- Curriculum: UK Curriculum (British)
- Distance: Approximately 10-12 minutes by car from Al Thanyah 5

These schools offer a variety of curricula to accommodate different educational needs, ensuring high-quality education options for families residing in and around Al Thanyah 5. As distances and travel times could vary slightly depending on the specific location within Al Thanyah 5 and current traffic conditions, it's advisable to check routes and commute times accordingly.

What medical clinics are there in and around 'Al Thanyah 5' area in Dubai and what are their locations?

Al Thanyah 5 in Dubai, also known as Al Thanyah Fifth, is a notable area within the city. While there may not be an extensive number of medical clinics directly in Al Thanyah 5 itself, several renowned medical facilities are located nearby in the surrounding areas. Below are some prominent medical clinics and their approximate locations:

1. Saudi German Hospital Dubai
- Location: Al Barsha 3, Hessa Street
- Description: A comprehensive hospital offering a wide range of medical services, including specialized departments.

2. Mediclinic Al Barsha
- Location: Al Barsha 2, near Al Barsha Mall
- Description: A multispecialty clinic providing services such as general practice, pediatrics, dermatology, and more.

3. Aster Clinic
- Location: Al Barsha 1, near Lulu Hypermarket
- Description: Known for its extensive network, Aster Clinic covers multiple specializations including general medicine, dentistry, orthopedics, and more.

4. American Hospital Clinic - Media City Clinic
- Location: Dubai Media City
- Description: A branch of the American Hospital, offering varied health services and specialties.

5. Unicare Medical Centre
- Location: The Greens, Emaar Business Park
- Description: Offers a range of healthcare services, from general consultations to specialist treatments.

6. Medicentres - The Meadows
- Location: The Meadows, near Dubai British School
- Description: Provides family medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, and other specialty services.

7. Emirates Hospital Clinics
- Location: Dubai Marina, The Beach Mall
- Description: Offers various medical services, including family medicine, orthopedics, and dermatology.

These clinics and hospitals offer a wide range of healthcare services, ensuring that residents of Al Thanyah 5 and the surrounding areas have access to quality medical care. For the most precise and up-to-date information, it's advisable to contact the facilities directly or visit their websites.

Cap rate (or rental yield) - gross capitalization rate based on long term rentals, before taxes, fees and service charges and without accounting for delays between long term rentals. Shown average prices and rents.

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