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Fawad Azizi Residence in Dubai Health Care City Phase 2 - Dubai residental property project

Cap rates, sales prices, rents and deal volumes

Sales prices for off-plan (pre registration and delayed sell) properties in Fawad Azizi Residence

RoomsSize, sqmSale price, AED/sqmSale price, AED

The price of an apartment in Fawad Azizi Residence is 22,096 AED/sqm on average.

Price for off-plan Studio apartment in Fawad Azizi Residence is 709,792 AED or 20,529 AED/sqm.
Price for off-plan 1 bedroom apartment in Fawad Azizi Residence is 1,282,625 AED or 22,572 AED/sqm.
Price for off-plan 2 bedroom apartment in Fawad Azizi Residence is 1,866,696 AED or 21,646 AED/sqm.

Rent in Fawad Azizi Residence is 21,646 AED/sqm/year on average for long term rent of an apartment.

About Fawad Azizi Residence

'Fawad Azizi Residence' in 'Dubai Health Care City Phase 2' area project description

Fawad Azizi Residence is a premium real estate project situated in Dubai Healthcare City Phase 2, one of the most sought-after locations in Dubai. This development is the epitome of luxury and convenience, offering residents a unique blend of modern living amid a serene healthcare-focused community.

The project features a range of meticulously designed apartments, notably studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units, each crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and sophistication. The interiors boast contemporary aesthetics with high-quality finishes, offering residents a stylish and comfortable living environment. Floor-to-ceiling windows let in abundant natural light while providing panoramic views of the surrounding cityscape and the beautiful Dubai Creek.

One of the standout features of Fawad Azizi Residence is its strategic location within Dubai Healthcare City Phase 2, enabling residents easy access to world-class medical facilities, wellness centers, and educational institutions. This proximity to holistic healthcare services sets the development apart as an ideal choice for those prioritizing wellness and medical care.

The residence offers a plethora of amenities that cater to the needs of modern urban dwellers. Among these are state-of-the-art fitness centers, swimming pools, and beautifully landscaped gardens. A well-equipped gym offers residents the convenience of staying fit without having to leave the building, while the swimming pool area is perfect for relaxation and leisure. Additionally, the development includes dedicated play areas for children, ensuring that families have ample recreational spaces.

The ground level features retail outlets that cater to everyday needs, adding an element of convenience for the residents. High-end boutiques, cafes, and gourmet restaurants available within the premises contribute to a vibrant and dynamic community atmosphere.

In terms of connectivity, Fawad Azizi Residence enjoys excellent transport links. The development is well-connected to major road networks, providing easy access to other parts of Dubai. Public transport options, including the Dubai Metro, are within close reach, making daily commuting hassle-free.

Security and safety are paramount at Fawad Azizi Residence, with 24/7 surveillance and a fully trained staff ensuring a secure living environment. The development also features ample parking space, adding another layer of convenience for residents.

Fawad Azizi Residence is more than just a place to live; it offers a lifestyle of sophistication, convenience, and well-being. The development caters to a diverse range of residents, including professionals, families, and healthcare workers, making it a prime choice for anyone looking to invest in Dubai’s ever-growing real estate market.

Q&A on Fawad Azizi Residence

What are the advantages of 'Fawad Azizi Residence' project in Dubai for property buyers? What are the disadvantages?


1. Prime Location: Located in Dubai Health Care City Phase 2, close to major health facilities, ensuring convenience for medical professionals and easy access to healthcare services.
2. Modern Amenities: Equipped with state-of-the-art amenities including a gym, swimming pool, and landscaped gardens, catering to a luxurious lifestyle.
3. High Rental Yield: Due to its strategic location near healthcare institutions, it offers high rental yield potential, attracting both investors and end-users.
4. Quality Construction: Developed by Azizi Developments, known for high-quality construction and contemporary designs.
5. Proximity to Transport: Well-connected via public transport, including metro and bus networks, facilitating easy commutes across Dubai.
6. Competitive Pricing: Often priced competitively relative to similar developments in more central parts of Dubai, providing good value for money.


1. Construction Phase: If the project is still under construction, there may be delays and uncertainties regarding the final delivery.
2. Development Area: As a new development zone, the surrounding infrastructure and amenities might still be evolving, which could impact immediate convenience and resale values.
3. Potential Construction Noise: Ongoing development in the broader Dubai Health Care City Phase 2 area might lead to construction noise and dust.
4. Market Saturation: The proliferation of new developments in Dubai might lead to market saturation, potentially impacting long-term property value appreciation.
5. Maintenance Costs: High-end amenities and luxury features might incur higher ongoing maintenance costs for property owners.

What projects are better than 'Fawad Azizi Residence' project in Dubai which are located close by, and why?

1. Creek Views by Azizi Developments: Situated in the same area, Creek Views offers more luxurious amenities and a better architectural design compared to Fawad Azizi Residence. The project provides stunning views of Dubai Creek and the skyline.

2. Sobha Creek Vistas: Located close to Dubai Health Care City Phase 2, Sobha Creek Vistas offers high-quality construction and a range of premium facilities. It's designed to provide a more upscale living experience with expansive green spaces and recreational areas.

3. Al Jaddaf Waterfront (part of Dubai Healthcare City): This mixed-use development offers a blend of healthcare, residential, commercial, and leisure facilities. The waterfront views add to the appeal, along with its proximity to high-end amenities and healthcare services.

4. Binghatti Avenue: A high-rise residential project that offers unique architectural designs and a variety of floor plans. Binghatti Avenue boasts state-of-the-art amenities such as a health club, children's play area, and retail outlets.

5. D1 Tower: Nearby in the Culture Village, D1 Tower offers unparalleled luxury with its sophisticated design, private cinema, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and spa facilities, making it a superior option in terms of luxury and amenities.

6. Niloofar Tower: Located in Culture Village, this project provides high-quality finishes and a variety of residential layouts. Its proximity to the Dubai Metro and other public transport options makes it highly accessible and convenient.

7. Dubai Wharf: Situated along the Dubai Creek, this development offers waterfront living with a mix of residential, retail, and dining options. The aesthetically pleasing architecture and well-planned community facilities make it a superior choice.

What are the closest schools to 'Fawad Azizi Residence' project in Dubai?

Swiss International Scientific School (D1): Located in Dubai Healthcare City Phase 2, this school is very close to the Fawad Azizi Residence.

Repton School: Located in Nad Al Sheba, it's a short drive from Dubai Healthcare City Phase 2.

GEMS Winchester School: Situated in Oud Metha, which is close to the Healthcare City area.

Cambridge International School: Located in Garhoud, not far from Dubai Healthcare City.

American School of Dubai (ASD): Situated in Al Barsha, it's accessible via major highways.

Dubai English Speaking School: Located in Oud Metha, just a short distance from Healthcare City.

The Indian High School: Located in Oud Metha, a nearby location to Dubai Healthcare City Phase 2.

What are the closest medical clinics to 'Fawad Azizi Residence' project in Dubai?

1. Mediclinic City Hospital
- Address: Building 37, Dubai Healthcare City, Oud Metha, Dubai

2. Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Center
- Address: Dubai Healthcare City, Ibn Sina Building (No. 27), Block D, Dubai

3. Magrabi Eye Hospital & Center
- Address: Dubai Healthcare City, Al Razi Building, 64 Block F, Dubai

4. Dubai London Clinic Specialty Hospital
- Address: Umm Hurair Road, North, near Oud Metha Metro Station and Wafi Mall, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai

5. Orchid Fertility Clinic
- Address: Dubai Healthcare City, Al Razi Building 64, Block C, Dubai

6. German Heart Centre Bremen FZ-LLC
- Address: Al Razi Building, Block B, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai

7. American Wellness Center
- Address: Building 33, Ground Floor, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai

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