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Wavez Residence in Liwan - Dubai residental property project

Cap rates, sales prices, rents and deal volumes

Sales prices for off-plan (pre registration and delayed sell) properties in Wavez Residence

RoomsSize, sqmSale price, AED/sqmSale price, AED

Sales prices for completed properties in Wavez Residence

RoomsSize, sqmSale price, AED/sqmSale price, AED

Rents in Wavez Residence

RoomsSize, sqmRent, AED/sqm/ yearRent, AED

The cap rate (rental yield) of investments into Wavez Residence project is 9.4% on average.

The price of an apartment in Wavez Residence is 11,943 AED/sqm on average.

Price for off-plan Studio apartment in Wavez Residence is 481,180 AED or 12,720 AED/sqm.

Price for completed Studio apartment in Wavez Residence is 418,750 AED or 11,166 AED/sqm.

Rent in Wavez Residence is 11,166 AED/sqm/year on average for long term rent of an apartment.

Rent for Studio apartment in Wavez Residence is 40,750 AED or 1,079 AED/sqm.

About Wavez Residence

'Wavez Residence' in 'Liwan' area project description

Wavez Residence is a remarkable residential project nestled within the Liwan area of Dubailand, one of Dubai's most rapidly developing districts. Developed by Danube Properties, a renowned name in the UAE real estate market, Wavez Residence epitomizes luxurious living at an affordable price point. This project offers a mix of modern studios and one-bedroom apartments, catering to a wide range of residents, from young professionals to small families.

The architecture of Wavez Residence is a blend of contemporary design and functional aesthetics. The facade features sleek lines and a modern color palette that gives the development a high-end, sophisticated look. Each apartment is meticulously designed to maximize space and natural light, with large windows offering panoramic views of the community and the surrounding landscape.

One of the standout features of Wavez Residence is its array of world-class amenities. Residents have access to a state-of-the-art fitness center, a temperature-controlled swimming pool, and a beautifully landscaped garden area. For families with children, a dedicated kids' play area ensures that young residents have their own space for recreation and activities. The property also includes a multi-purpose hall, perfect for hosting community events or private functions.

Location is another major advantage of Wavez Residence. Situated in the heart of Liwan, the project offers excellent connectivity to key areas of Dubai. It is just a short drive from major landmarks such as Downtown Dubai, Dubai International Airport, and the Mall of the Emirates. The Strategic location provides easy access to Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Al Ain Road, making commuting hassle-free for residents.

Wavez Residence also emphasizes sustainability and eco-friendly practices. The development incorporates energy-efficient systems and sustainable building materials, ensuring that it aligns with global standards for green building. This commitment to sustainability not only benefits the environment but also ensures lower utility costs for residents.

Retail convenience is another highlight, with a dedicated retail space within the development that includes a variety of shops, cafes, and essential services. This ensures that residents have everything they need right at their doorstep, enhancing the overall living experience.

In terms of investment potential, Wavez Residence is a compelling option. The affordable price point combined with the high-quality construction and prime location make it an attractive choice for investors looking for strong rental yields and long-term appreciation. Whether you are a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor, or someone looking for a modern and convenient lifestyle, Wavez Residence in Liwan offers a comprehensive package.

Q&A on Wavez Residence

What are the advantages of 'Wavez Residence' project in Dubai for property buyers? What are the disadvantages?


1. Affordability: Wavez Residence offers budget-friendly options compared to other developments in Dubai, making it attractive for first-time buyers and investors.
2. Strategic Location: Situated in Liwan, the project benefits from easy access to major highways like Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, enhancing connectivity to key areas of Dubai.
3. Amenities: The development includes a range of amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and recreational areas, providing a comprehensive living experience.
4. Payment Plans: Developers often offer flexible payment plans, easing the financial burden on buyers and making it easier to invest.
5. Quality Construction: The development features quality construction and modern design, ensuring longevity and contemporary living standards.
6. Community Environment: Wavez Residence fosters a community-centric environment, ideal for families and individuals seeking a sense of belonging.
7. Rental Yield: Given its affordability and location, properties in Wavez Residence have the potential for attractive rental yields.


1. Potential for Overcrowding: As an affordable housing option, there is a risk of the area becoming overcrowded, which could impact the quality of life and property values.
2. Construction Activity: Ongoing construction in the Liwan area might cause noise and inconvenience in the short term.
3. Resale Value: Lower initial property prices can sometimes translate into slower appreciation rates, affecting long-term resale value.
4. Limited Prestige: Unlike more established or upscale communities in Dubai, Wavez Residence might lack a prestigious reputation, which could influence some buyers’ decisions.
5. Distance from Central Areas: While connectivity is good, the Liwan area is still somewhat farther from central business districts and entertainment hubs, which could be less convenient for some residents.
6. Community Facilities: While amenities are available, they might not be as extensive or high-end as those found in more premium developments.
7. Market Saturation: Increased development in the affordable segment can lead to market saturation, which might impact property demand and prices.

What projects are better than 'Wavez Residence' project in Dubai which are located close by, and why?

In the Liwan area of Dubai, there are several projects that are often considered to be better or more appealing than the Wavez Residence, depending on individual preferences and requirements. Here are a few notable developments in or near the Liwan area that are often highlighted for their unique features, amenities, and overall value:

1. Skycourts Towers
- Location: Situated in Dubai Land, with easy access to major highways.
- Why it's better: Skycourts Towers offers a well-established community with a mix of residential, retail, and leisure spaces. The project is known for its affordability, making it attractive for both investors and end-users.
- Amenities: Includes multiple swimming pools, gyms, children’s play areas, and ample parking facilities.

2. Queue Point by Mazaya
- Location: Also in the Liwan area, part of a well-planned community.
- Why it's better: Queue Point is recognized for its modern design and smart layout. It offers a variety of apartment sizes suitable for small families and young professionals.
- Amenities: Parks, playgrounds, retail shops within the community, and proximity to key attractions in Dubai.

3. Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club
- Location: Not far from Liwan, situated in Dubai Land.
- Why it's better: This project caters to those looking for a luxurious lifestyle with a unique proposition around polo and equestrian sports. It combines residential and leisure spaces in a resort-like environment.
- Amenities: Polo fields, stables, luxury hotels, fine dining options, and spa services. Exclusive clubhouse facilities also add to its appeal.

4. The Centro - The Villa
- Location: A short drive from Liwan, in the heart of Dubai Land.
- Why it's better: The Villa offers larger, more spacious homes within a tranquil community. It's often favored by families looking for more space and privacy.
- Amenities: Gated community, landscaped gardens, community center, tennis courts, and proximity to reputable schools.

Why these might be better than Wavez Residence

1. Established Communities: Many of these projects are part of well-established neighborhoods offering a more complete living experience with ready amenities and services.

2. Diverse Amenities: They often have more extensive or unique amenities tailored to varied lifestyles, such as equestrian facilities, larger community centers, or resort-style living.

3. Variety of Property Types: These projects include a mix of apartments, townhouses, and villas, providing options for different housing needs and preferences.

4. Strategic Locations: They offer easy access to major highways and other key areas in Dubai, important for daily commuting and connectivity.

When choosing a project, consider factors such as your budget, lifestyle, proximity to work or schools, and the type of amenities you value most. Each project has its own unique appeal, so what might be better for one individual may not be the same for another.

What are the closest schools to 'Wavez Residence' project in Dubai?

1. GEMS Modern Academy
- Location: Nad Al Sheba 3, Dubai
- Approximate Distance: 10-15 minutes by car

2. Repton School Dubai
- Location: Nad Al Sheba 3, Dubai
- Approximate Distance: 15-20 minutes by car

3. Kings' School Nad Al Sheba
- Location: Nad Al Sheba, Dubai
- Approximate Distance: 20-25 minutes by car

4. The Aquila School
- Location: Dubailand, Dubai
- Approximate Distance: 15-20 minutes by car

5. Zayed University
- Location: Dubai Academic City
- Approximate Distance: 10-15 minutes by car

What are the closest medical clinics to 'Wavez Residence' project in Dubai?

1. Medicentres Liwan Clinic
- Location: Liwan, Dubailand, Dubai

2. Aster Clinic, Al Barsha South
- Location: Near Al Khail Road, Al Barsha South, Dubai

3. Mediclinic Arabian Ranches
- Location: Ranches Souk, Arabian Ranches 2, Dubai

4. Emirates Hospital Clinics
- Location: Motor City, Dubai

5. Prime Medical Center
- Location: Ibn Battuta Mall, Jebel Ali Village, Dubai

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